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The Human Journey

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Order Ref: Huma1401

Published by: CMF (2014)

Author: Dr Peter Saunders

ISBN: 9780906747582

Price: £5.00

We all have questions about health: Will my child be healthy? What if I get cancer? Why do I sometimes feel so down? What about dementia in my later years?
Today we see the health needs of different countries in more details than ever before. How are we to be good neighbours in the global community? Almost every day brings reports of new advances in medical technology. But how can we decide whether it's right to use them?
The Human Journey sets out a framework for thinking about these issues biblically. In an ever-changing world, the Bible's timeless truths offer a firm foundation to engage with health-related questions. Above all, our questions about health and wellbeing need to be seen in the greater context of God's design for humanity, the universe and everything - his plan to unite all things under Jesus Christ.
This book accompanies an eight-part course which aims to equip Christians to think biblically about health and to encourage better incorporation of healthcare expertise into church life and ministry. It can be read alone, but will be most useful explored and discussed in the context of the course.
Please see the Human Journey website for more details.

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