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Serving in Babylon: Daniel's Story

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Order Ref: SIB0417

Published by: Christian Medical Fellowship (2017)

Author: Peter Saunders

ISBN: 9780906747742

Price: £2.00

When Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in 587 BC, the nation of Judah was taken to Babylon in an exile that would last 70 years. As God's people in a foreign land that was hostile to their faith and values, they faced the challenge of living and serving as 'aliens and strangers'. There was great pressure to close ranks or to forget who they were.

The temptation was either to retreat into an escapist spiritual ghetto or simply to compromise and become no different from those around them.

But the prophet Jeremiah instead urged the exiles, who included Daniel and his friends, to become fully engaged with their new society, whilst maintaining their distinctiveness as believers faithful to God - to be truly in the world but not of the world.

Christians living in 21st century Britain and serving in the NHS face similar challenges to those of Daniel. In this booklet, Peter Saunders, CMF Chief Executive, encourages Christian Healthcare professionals to be fruitful yet distinctive as they serve God in Today's NHS.

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