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staff at CMF

Chief Executive's office

PA to CEO & Office Manager

Finance and Administration

Head of Operations
Senior Accountant
Membership Administrator
Resources Manager
Website Manager


Head of Communications
Communications Coordinator
Media Producer

Public Policy

Head of Public Policy
Public Policy Researcher
Head of Nursing
Public Policy Researcher


Head of Graduate Ministries
Graduate Ministries Coordinator
London Staffworker
Scottish Staffworker
Associate Staffworker, Midlands


Head of Student Ministries
Student Ministries Coordinator
Associate Head (Office)
Associate Head (Field)
Associate Staffworker (Dundee)
Staffworker (Dundee)
Associate staffworker (Preston)
Student Relay Volunteer

International Ministries

Head of International Ministries
International Ministries Coordinator

Nurses/Allied Professionals

Head of Nursing