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staff at CMF

Chief Executive's office

PA to CEO & Office Manager

Finance and Administration

Head of Operations
Membership & IT Manager
Senior Accountant
Resources Manager
Website manager


Head of Communications
Communications Coordinator
Media Producer

Public Policy

Head of Public Policy
Public policy researcher


Head of Graduate Ministries
Graduate Ministries Co-ordinator
London Staffworker
Scottish Staffworker
Associate Staffworker, Juniors, Scotland
Associate Staffworker, Midlands


Head of Student Ministries
Associate Head (Office)
Associate Head (Field)
Student & International Ministries Coordinator
Associate Staffworker (Dundee)
Staffworker (Dundee)

International Ministries

Head of International Ministries
Student & International Ministries Coordinator

Nurses/Allied Professionals

Head of Allied Professions Ministries
Nurses Student Staff Worker