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21st January: The Divine Surgeon (1)

I wound and I heal. Deuteronomy 32:39

One of the many titles full of meaning that we give to our Lord is the Great Physician. Certainly as we reflect upon the varied aspects of Christ's ministry, we can only conclude that the title is a most appropriate one.

But not only is he the Great Physician, he is also the Model Physician. We can readily identify with the Model in terms of compassion, love, patience or understanding. However, in terms of medical functions how do we view the Model? I think few would perceive him as a pathologist or otolaryngologist or radiologist. More likely we would identify him in the role of diagnostician or psychiatrist or family physician.

Recently, as I have been considering my own perceptions of Christ in relation to this question, I have been thinking about his role as surgeon. That verse in the Son of Moses has focused my attention in this regard. There God says, `I wound and I heal'. to me, this suggests that God takes an active surgical role in the healing process. wounding, the surgical incision, is painful, but it leads to ultimate healing. God's objective in the life of each believer is to make each one into the image of Christ. Surely our own desire should be to be confirmed to the likeness of Christ -- to be more like him in every way.

Did you ever consider that part of this process may require surgical intervention? Let me suggest a few areas where the Divine Surgeon may operate.

Firstly, consider the incision and drainage of an abscess. We know that the rationale of this procedure is to let the foul pus and dead matter be released from the body, so that the whole organism will not become infected and toxic. How often we need the Divine Surgeon to open the abscesses of pride or hate or jealousy, so that we can become free of their infective and toxic potentials. Such an incision is often very painful, and the convalescent period may be prolonged; but gradually the wound heals, and health blooms. `I wound and I heal'.

Merciful Lord, when we feel the sharpness of your surgery
in our lives and in ourselves, knowing that it is for our
own good, help us to remember that always you wound and
you heal.

Further reading: Heb 12:3-14.


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