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public policy

promoting Christian values

We play a strategic role by providing thoughtful and clearly written resources for students and doctors, and by making authoritative submissions to government and other official bodies. We also equip Christian doctors and students to speak out personally: in the NHS, the BMA and Royal Colleges; through government; and nationally and internationally in Christian, secular and medical media.

For media enquiries please call Alistair Thompson on 020 3008 6063 or 07970 162 225

biomedical technologies

Animal experimentation; cloning; genetics; the creation of chimeras and hybrids; new technologies like nanotechnology, cybernetics, and transhumanism; medical research, including using human subjects and animals in research; stem cell technology; organ transplantation.
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clinical practice

An index of articles, events, books related to specific areas of medical care including: addiction and drugs, AIDS, alternative medicine, care of the elderly, confidentiality, depression, psychiatry, holistic medicine and ethical issues facing GPs.
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early life

Abortion, contraception, premature babies and neonatal medicine, prenatal testing, reproductive technology. What are the clinical, ethical and social and spiritual implications? What ethical problems do they pose for Christians?
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end of life

Advance directives, assisted suicide, death and dying, euthanasia, palliative care...topics which raise many issues for patients and doctors alike. Information on political influences on end of life issues:- the Joffe Bill, Mental Capacity Act and issues in the Scottish parliament.
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faith in practice

Articles to equip Christian healthcare workers to be an appropriate witness in the workplace: Christian apologetics, evangelism, faith in practice, healing and miracles, medical training, engaging in discussion with people of different faiths, Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, the Christian life.
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philosophical aspects

Autonomy, ethics, evolution, personhood, postmodernism, suffering, the status of the embryo…tackling questions with far reaching implications on issues where Christians often have differing views.
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sex and relationships

Relationships, sexuality, homosexual orientation and practice, transsexuality…issues surrounding sexual behaviour and morals raise many questions for all Christians. For doctors there are additional issues relating to how they advise and treat their patients.
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