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international ministries

Come to the 50th ICMDA World Congress in Rotterdam, July 2014.

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MSc in Family Medicine
In collaboration with ICMDA and the University of Edinburgh
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Good practice guidelines for short visits and mission teams
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Resources for doctors going overseas:
Preparing for change
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CMF's International Department is promoting and supporting medical mission and international work in a variety of ways.

CMF has 200 members working abroad full time with a variety of mission and secular agencies in 45 different countries. Many others, based in the UK, are regularly involved in short-term visits and mission activities

Our job opportunities page gives details of specific needs and vacancies abroad and mission resources contains an extensive directory of organisations and support services to help you find out more.

Go to student electives for information and advice on planning and preparing for an elective in a developing country. We are a multi-discplinary department and have resources for doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists and students.