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Dancing with Wisdom

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Published by: Author Academy (2021)

Author: Sunil K Raheja

ISBN: 9781647463465

Price: £11.00

This is no quick fix, self-help book; it is much deeper and far more valuable than that."David Jackman
Never before have we had access to such stunning technological advances or time-saving tools--yet we are still exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated and empty. STOP GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Thoreau described most people as living in "quiet desperation" and dying with "their song still inside them."
When we are young, we dream about how we will change the world and the positive impact we will make. At mid-life, we are bruised by disappointment, dashed dreams, and even the death of loved ones. Such a mindset for many people creates an unprecedented and alarming rise in mental illness, discontent, and unhappiness.
THERE IS A BETTER WAY….to connect with the timeless truths of wisdom: Become fully alive in body, mind and spirit--embrace and enjoy life.Live with delight, purpose, and exhilaration in a negative world.Heal without the hangover of cynicism, shame, exhaustion or guilt. Learn to Dance with Wisdom, stop going through the motions and become the fully alive human being you were always intended to be!

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