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1 incision: Nancy Pearcey on a biblical understanding of the body

mp3 audio
In this special, extended edition of 1st incision, CMF Associate CEO John Greenall talks to Nancy Pearcey, the American author and leading Evangelical academic about her seminal book, Love Thy Body, and how our worldview affects how we understand our bodies, identity and how we value humanity and human life.
Duration: 54 mins

1st incision: being confident in your faith at your place of work

mp3 audio
In this episode, John Greenall talk with Ros Turner of Transform Work UK on the importance of supporting and equipping Christians to be salt and light in their places of work. Ros shares from her wide experience of helping Christian workplace groups across the UK to support and equip Christians, and offers some challenges to us as health professionals on how we can make a real difference in the health service.

1st incision podcast: Season 2, episode 1 - The worldwide family of Christian medics and dentists

mp3 audio
In the first episode of season two of 1st incision, John Greenall, CMF's Associate Chief Executive, talks with leaders from other Christian medical associations around the world about the wider family of Christians in medicine and dentistry that is the International Christian Medical and Dental Association or ICMDA. Hedwin from Indonesia, Augustine from South Africa and Esther from Switzerland share with John what it means to them to be part of a global family of Christians in the medical professions.

1st incision podcast: The issues around transgender in children

mp3 audio
CMF's National Field Director and paediatrician Dr John Greenall discusses the needs, sensitivities, ethics and controversies surrounding the care and treatment of children and adolescents identifying as transgender.

1st incision podcast: toolbox for effective prayer

mp3 audio
Dr Mark shares some helpful, practical advice for praying effectively in the midst of the pressures of working as a Christian medic or nurse.

1st incision podcast: medical politics

mp3 audio
In this episode, Dr James Howitt talk to Dr Melody Redman as they explore why and how Christian health professionals can engage in advocacy, medical and nursing politics and Biblical social justice.

1st incision podcast: burnout

mp3 audio
Dr Sunil Raheja talks to Dr James Howitt about 'burnout' amongst those working in healthcare, and at ways we can protect ourselves and support others.

2019 Catalyst Team Conference - Building Godly Teams

mp3 audio

Timothy Cross speaks at the Catalyst Team Conference 2019.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, May 2019.

Rendle Short Lecture 2018 by Bert Nanninga

mp3 audio

Is there light at either end of the Eurotunnel?

Bert Nanninga delivers the Rendle Short Lecture at the National Conference 2018.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Saturday 28 April 2018.

Faith and health

mp3 audio
Dr Laurence Crutchlow speaking on TransWorld Radio about the recent health study linking attendance at church with increased lifespan.

Religion and lifespan

mp3 audio
Dr Alex Bunn discusses a recent US health study which showed a strong link between regular church attendance and increased lifespan.
This interview was broadcast on BBC Radio Cornwall on 22 May 2016

Putting faith in global healthcare

mp3 audio
Steve Fouch speaking on UCB Radio about the publication of the Lancet's series of papers on the role of faith groups in the delivery of healthcare.

See the accompanying blogpost for more details.

Life is precious: Michael

Life is Precious is a video series from the Christian Medical Fellowship.

Find out more at
and discover The Human Journey, here:
Duration: 5 mins

Life is precious: Millie

Life is Precious is a video series from the Christian Medical Fellowship.

Find out more at
and discover The Human Journey, here:
Duration: 5 mins

Fruitfulness on the frontline of healthcare

mp3 audio
Charles Hippsley, Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) work forum gives his first talk at the 2014 CMF London and SE Conference. This talk was recorded on 8 November 2014, and is entitled 'Eyes to see' - introducing the LICC 6M framework.

Fruitfulness on the frontline of healthcare

mp3 audio
Recorded at the CMF London and SE Conference, 8 November 2014: Maggie Nyang'wa, a paediatric registrar in infectious diseases, gives her testimony.

Saline Solution - Bringing Christ into Healthcare

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