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For such a time as this! Plenary from the CMF National Conference 2021

Florence Muindi of Life In Abundance International, gave the plenary address at this year's CMF National Conference on 24 April 2021.
Duration: 26 mins

A Whole-Life Disciple: sharing life under pressure - CMF National Conference 2021 Bible Talk 1

Drawing from Acts 27, in the first of his talks at this year's CMF National Conference, Mark Greene looks at how our discipleship in Christ can have a very real impact on how we deal with crises and challenges in the real world.
Duration: 28 mins

A Whole-Life Disciple: shaping a culture in the moment - CMF National Conference 2021 Bible Talk 2

In the second of his talks from the 2021 CMF National Conference, Mark Greene looks at how a whole life Christian discipleship may shape our life and practice in the every day. Looking at the story of Ruth (particularly chapter 2), he explores how faithfulness to Christ leads us to simple steps to outworking Christlike values in our daily interactions.
Duration: 27 mins

A bigger gospel? CMF National Conference 2021 Bible Talk 3

Why do we think that what we do in our homes, workplaces, at the school gate, and in our neighbourhood does not matter to God? Why do we have a hierarchy of what counts 'spiritual' work in our minds? I his final talk, Mark Greene explores what it means to be a disciple of Christ in the mundane, day-to-day aspects of our lives.
Duration: 28 mins

1st incision - Miracles

mp3 audio

The Christian faith stands or falls on the miracle of Jesus' resurrection. But how do we stand in relation to miracles today, especially as health professionals? Do miraculous healings still happen, can we command them, and how we handle situations where our patients claim to have been healed?

David Randall talks with Steve Fouch about how we can engage with the miraculous as Christians and health professionals.

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the intensivist

mp3 audio

In our fortieth and final voices from the frontline, we talk to Audrey, an intensivist at a Glasgow intensive care unit.

At the sharp end of dealing with COVID-19, she and her team have been working longer hours, with trainees and non-specialists taking on new roles caring for those most seriously affected by the disease. How have she and her team handled the remarkable circumstances in which they have found themselves in the last three months? How has she found Jesus amid this crisis?

This is the last of our special series of voices from the frontline podcasts, but the 1st incision series continues, with a new episode going live next Friday, 29 May.

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the pharmacist

mp3 audio

Esther is a community-based pharmacist, working closely with general practices. With social distancing and shielding, normal dispensing of medicines has changed considerably. What are the challenges, changes and stresses that pharmacy staff facing during lockdown. How is she finding spiritual support, and how can we pray for Esther and other pharmacists and frontline workers at this time.

Esther is an active member of Christians in Pharmacy - a national network for Christians working in and studying all aspects of pharmacy - check out their Facebook Page and their website for more details and to get in touch

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the prison doctor

mp3 audio

Rachael works in NHS prison general practice and is medical director of Integritas Healthcare, a Christian faith-inspired NGO working with detainees in the UK and overseas, particularly in the Philippines.

How has COVID-19 affected detainees and prisons in the UK? How is it affecting the delivery of medical care in prisons in the Philippines? And how is she able to bring spiritual support and wholistic care to prisoners?

You can find out more about the work of Integritas at

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Kurdistan, Iraq

mp3 audio
Dr Janan works as a surgeon in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. His work involves regularly providing surgical care in refugee camps. Northern Iraq has been in lockdown since the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in March, and it seems that the epidemic is under control there. But there is still a real concern that the coronavirus could still break out in the refugee camps, where hand washing and social distancing is not practical. With economic pressures, insecurities and concerns about infection spread, how can we support and pray for Janan and his teams working with refugees in the region?

You can find out more about Dr Janan's organisation, HOME at

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the paramedic

mp3 audio
Ben is a frontline paramedic, dealing with priority ambulance calls. He also helps lead a Christian fellowship group within the ambulance service, part of the Christian Ambulance Association. There have been increased pressures and opportunities since COVID-19 became a real issue, and it has changed his work, but also the network of support and prayer for frontline crews. How are Christian paramedics and ambulance staff responding in faith and hope to what God is doing in the midst of this pandemic?

You can find out more about the Christian Ambulance Association at

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Spain

mp3 audio
Sara is a family medicine doctor in Madrid, Spain. The country has been hit hard, especially in Madrid, and Sara has personal experience of surviving the virus. She has been actively involved in community-based care for COVID-19 patients and has been part of a wider research group looking at treating the disease outside of acute hospitals. How has COVID-19 affected how she prays and cares for her patients?

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the palliative care specialist

mp3 audio
Alice is a palliative care specialist. In a speciality that has always focused on touch, close personal interaction and open access visiting, COVID-19 and social distancing measures have totally changed the way that she is caring for the dying and the bereaved. It is taking a toll on her team as well as on dying patients and their families. As she goes into these difficult situations, how does her faith equip her to respond in such a time as this?

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the psychiatrist

mp3 audio
Mental health is a big issue in the current crisis. Today we talk to Hans, a psychiatrist from Switzerland. Uncertainties about the illness, its effects on us and our loved ones, on our livelihoods, on everyday life, can all lead to anxiety and isolation. How can we cope with these strains on our mental health? Are there positive challenges and opportunities to be discovered in these situations?
You can find out more about ICMDA at and at our COVID-19 blogs at

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - sidelined

mp3 audio
What about those who aren't on the COVID-19 frontline?

Steve works at CMF and is a consultant neuro-rehabilitation specialist. He was due to go into partial retirement just as the lockdown began, but instead found himself at home with no clinical role and watching his colleagues putting their lives on the line to care for patients. How has this affected him? What is he doing now, and how are the non-COVID patients he sees dealing with the situation? It's not just some health workers who feel sidelined. And, in the midst of all of this, what does Steve hear God saying?

You can read Steve's blog Sidelined? Or waiting for God's time to serve?

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the pain specialist

mp3 audio
Tom is a senior consultant in pain medicine, specialising in portable devices that help manage chronic pain. Although he practised for many years in the US, he is now working in the UK. How is COVID-19 having an impact on his work? How does he see his faith equipping him to meet the needs of his patients?

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the neonatoligist

mp3 audio
Lee is a neonatologist, working with very premature babies who need intensive support in the first weeks of life. He recently volunteered to work at the London Nightingale Hospital, working with adults on ventilators with COVID-19. He supports more junior staff who are less experienced in nursing ventilated patients. How does he reconcile his Christian faith with the suffering he sees as a result of COVID-19?
NB - this podcast was recorded in late April, before the announcement that the London Nightingale Hospital was to be mothballed.

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the medical student volunteer

mp3 audio

Rachael is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Manchester. Before the pandemic she was halfway through her neurology placement, but since COVID-19 interrupted her studies, she has been volunteering at the hospital, helping out in practical ways supporting clinical staff. With her studies suspended and the coming months looking really uncertain, how is her faith helping to keep her focused and grounded.

You can read more about CMF's student ministry at

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