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COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Uganda

mp3 audio

Dr Stephen is a public health consultant in Kampala, Uganda, working globally in fragile states. Uganda went into a coronavirus lockdown just days after he returned from a recent visit. How is lockdown affecting Uganda, the church and how are he and his family coping with the lockdown?

[Recorded 1 March 2020]

Remember to join us every day at 7 pm (BST/UTC+1) for #COVID1900Prayer, a chance to pray for health workers, our nation and the world as we respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the hospital chaplains

mp3 audio

Graham and Christine work in a hospital chaplaincy team, providing spiritual care and support to patients and staff. COVID-19 has changed the way they can care significantly. Infection control means they cannot visit patients apart from exceptional circumstances. Caring for those who are seriously ill and isolated from loved ones is now very hard. Support for staff is also vital and is now the main focus of care. How can we engage with and support this largely invisible but vital behind the scenes role?

[recorded 1 April 2020]

CMF's Pastoral Care and Well-being programme is a pastoral care resource for health professionals of all faiths and none - more details at or email

Remember to join us every day at 7 pm (BST/UTC+1) for #COVID1900Prayer, a chance to pray for health workers, our nation and the world as we respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Laos

mp3 audio
Alison is a nurse/midwife working in Southern Laos as part of a health and education project. Until recently, COVID-19 has not seemed like a big problem in Laos, but in the last week the national government has stepped up its response, despite the lack of resources to protect staff and treat the very sick. Alison and her team have sought to help the local community and local hospital prepare, but many challenges remain. In these uncertain times, how can we support and pray for the least resourced nations facing COVID-19?[recorded 31 March 2020]

Remember to join us every day at 7 pm (BST/UTC+1) for #COVID1900Prayer, a chance to pray for health workers, our nation and the world as we respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the trainee anaesthetist

mp3 audio
Alice is a trainee anaesthetist in the East of England. She is now solely working in critical care as the number of people with COVID-19 being admitted increases. Managing changing guidelines and limited access to equipment with limited control can create stresses and a sense of helplessness for all involved. How is her faith in Christ helping he to manage the situation without giving in to negativity?[recorded 31 March 2020]

Alice's blog, Facing coronavirus (COVID-19): the practicalities of critical illness and the reality of our mortality ,is available now.

Remember to join us every day at 7 pm (BST/UTC+1) for #COVID1900Prayer, a chance to pray for health workers, our nation and the world as we respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the perinatal psychiatrist

mp3 audio

Abi is a perinatal psychiatrist (looking after mums and babies) in London. During a lockdown, vulnerable mothers face particular challenges, yet can only access services remotely. Maintaining services and communications with colleagues as well as patients creates particular problems. How can we pray for and support new mothers and those with mental health needs at this time.

[recorded 31 March 2020]

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Indonesia

mp3 audio
Dr Alva is a TB specialist with a nationwide role, as well as a leader of the Indonesian Christian Medical and Dental Association and the national Christian students' ministry. As a minority in a predominantly Muslim nation, what contribution can Christian health professionals make as COVID-19 becomes a growing health challenge?[Recorded 31 March 2020]

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the A&E doctor

mp3 audio

Ed works in an accident and emergency department (A&E) in a major city. He is seeing fewer patients turning up due to social isolation but also dealing with more seriously ill patients with COVID-19. Despite the changing work profile and the pressures he faces, he is not fearful. What is the source of his confidence?

[recorded 26 March 2020]

1st incision - Personal well-being and going the distance

mp3 audio
The well-being of doctors, midwives and nurses has become a very topical issue. The General Medical Council has recently released a report looking at the systemic and organisational factors that lead to clinician stress. The British Medical Association is providing a 24/7 helpline and access to counselling services. But what about the Christian perspective? Do CMF members maintain their well-being in their workplaces? How do we support Christian clinicians to continue to live and speak for Jesus? And how do we care for the carers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?

You can find out more about CMF's Pastoral Care and Well-being programme at

Remember to join us every day at 7 pm (BST/UTC+1) for #COVID1900Prayer, a chance to pray for health workers, our nation and the world as we respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - India

mp3 audio
Santhosh is a consultant physician on the India/Nepal border, and is the South Asia and Training Coordinator of our global network, the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA). India is now on lock-down - how is this having an impact on the hospital, the patients and the community? How will they manage a surge of COVID-19 patients in a resource poor setting? How are Christian hospitals coping, and what is God showing them in this situation?[recorded 26 March 2020]

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the Caribbean

mp3 audio
Khara is an internal medicine doctor working in Barbados, where the COVID-19 pandemic is still in its early stages. How are health systems in the Caribbean managing and how are they seeking to limit the pandemic. What gives her hope in the face of the mounting strains on healthcare in Barbados and across the Caribbean?
[recorded 26 March 2020 - please note the sound quality is not to our usual standard due to recording conditions]
Duration: 9 mins

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the international medical student

mp3 audio
Naomi is an international medical student in Limerick, Ireland. A few weeks from final exams and placements she finds herself unable to return home to Canada or to finish her studies. In the face of this, what opportunities to serve is God opening up for her in Ireland?[recorded 25 March 2020]

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the medical registrar

mp3 audio

David is a medical registrar in London. As more and more patients with covid symptoms are turning up at the hospital, they are having to rapidly change their clinical priorities and planning. How is he finding God at work in the circumstances?

[recorded 24 March 2020]

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the GP

mp3 audio
In this episode, James shares the pressures being faced by GPs and community health services as the COVID-19 outbreak intensifies and guidance changes on an almost daily basis. How does being a Christian really make a difference in this situation?

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the final year medical students

mp3 audio
In today's story, Zack shares how the COVID-19 crisis is having a very real impact on the training of doctors, and how do we deal with having our expectations thwarted by circumstances beyond our control.

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the ITU nurse

mp3 audio

Adi is a ITU nurse. His team are gearing up for the increased number of people with major respiratory problems as a result of COVID1-9 infection. How does his faith prepare him for the challenges ahead?

[recorded 20 March 2020]

1st incision - Costly love

mp3 audio
At what feels like an unprecedented time in our history, how do Christians in healthcare respond to a global pandemic? Professor John Wyatt outlines the source of our strength to serve in costly ways, even risking our lives. He draws lessons from history when Christians have been at the forefront of treating the sick in plagues and pandemics, including birthing the whole nursing profession.

You can read more about this on a CMF blog, Christianity in a time of plague that John has just published.

Christian leadership in healthcare

mp3 audio

Dr James Tomlinson helps us explore the opportunities and challenges for Christians in leadership. What should distinguish us as Christians leaders? Is leadership in clinical practice as valid as in the church? Why should we even consider leading in this context?

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