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Author Index - David Pitches

David Pitches is an Honorary Consultant in Public Health for Sandwell Primary Care Trust, and currently works for Medair in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Problem solving in the NHS (triple helix - summer 2015)

David Pitches says Christian servant leadership can make a difference. How does someone become a good leader? Some say leaders are born not made, but many disagree, leading to a vast industry seeking to develop potential leaders. Others argue that leaders' success is situational – Churchill might have been an...

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The Traveller's Good Health Guide (Book Review) (triple helix - Easter 2008)

This is no ordinary travel health guide. It's a personal one with medical advice for sending organisations, support for stress and burnout on the field, and a short textbook of tropical diseases thrown in for good measure. Simple enough for non-health professionals without patronising professionals, this excellent book caters for...

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A harmless flutter? - Gambling (triple helix - Easter 2008)

The UK Gambling Act, introduced in 2005, anticipated the development of many new casinos across the country, including several 'megacasinos', which would have over a thousand slot machines capable of delivering jackpots of up to £1,000,000. [1] Advocates claimed megacasinos would create thousands of jobs and regenerate poverty stricken areas....

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MMR and Autism – muddled medical reasoning (triple helix - spring 2004)

It is more than six years since the Lancet published Dr Wakefield's paper describing a new syndrome of bowel disease and autism in MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccinated children.[1] Almost none of the subsequent research has found any evidence to support this causal link. Yet the controversy rages on. Rather than living...

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Embryology and the Qur'an (nucleus - summer 1997)

Many Muslims claim that the Qur'an contains statements about how humans develop which could not possibly have been known at the time of its writing. If true, this would imply that the Qur'an had a divine author. Indeed, when Prof Keith Moore, the writer of 'The Developing Human', a widely...

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