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Author Index - David Cranston

David Cranston is a Consultant in Urology and Transplantation

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Patients are people too (triple helix - Spring 2019)

A week before writing this article, I was sitting in my urology outpatient clinic with a visiting professor from Japan, when a 93-year-old gentleman came in with his daughter. I debated about whether or not I should ask what is normally my first question to a man over 90, after...

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Caring with a servant heart (triple helix - spring 2013)

David Cranston on the conflicting demands of home, work and patient care. We are all asked as children what we want to do when we grow up. At job interviews we may well have given the standard answer – that we wanted to care for people. And yet it is...

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Donor Kidneys - an Ethical Way of Increasing Supply? (nucleus - spring 1998)

The scope of the problem Renal transplantation is now a well established form of treatment for end stage renal failure (ESRF). However, with increasing numbers of patients on dialysis and relaxation in the criteria for accepting patients on to a transplant waiting list, the shortage of available kidneys is one of...

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