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Author Index - David Cranston

David Cranston is a Consultant in Urology and Transplantation

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Patients are people too (triple helix - Spring 2019)

key points Having time to interact meaningfully with patients is a big challenge in the clinical setting. Taking time to go deeper and wider in our interactions helps us go deeper into the needs of our patients and to see them as rounded human beings, not just clinical problems. This attention to the...

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Caring with a servant heart (triple helix - spring 2013)

David Cranston on the conflicting demands of home, work and patient care. key points Many factors conspire to compromise our care of patients. For Christians the challenge is to care as Christ cares. If we put serving God's kingdom first, the rest will fall into place. We are all asked as...

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Donor Kidneys - an Ethical Way of Increasing Supply? (nucleus - spring 1998)

The scope of the problem Renal transplantation is now a well established form of treatment for end stage renal failure (ESRF). However, with increasing numbers of patients on dialysis and relaxation in the criteria for accepting patients on to a transplant waiting list, the shortage of available kidneys is one of...

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