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Author Index - Tim Hinks

Tim Hinks is CMF staffworker in South UK

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Growing up ... growing wise (triple helix - summer 2010)

Many parents are uncomfortable with relationships teaching delivered from an overtly secular standpoint that promotes a strongly liberal morality. This is a four-part interactive lesson resource for school years 5 and 6. Focusing on a couple who are engaging and relaxed as they discuss their marriage in a positive but realistic...

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God's Undertaker - Has Science Buried God? (Book Review) (triple helix - summer 2008)

John Lennox is an Oxford lecturer in mathematics and the philosophy of science. This slim paperback is his much awaited contribution to the science-faith debate that, for many people, has become the key apologetic issue of the day. Lennox provides an excellent overview and is particularly strong on the philosophical...

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Medicine - high ideal or great idol? (nucleus - winter 2006)

It is an immense privilege to pursue a career in medicine: few careers are more sought after or respected. The history of our profession is marked by countless men and women who have strived selflessly to serve the needs of their fellow men, through long years of study and tiring...

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When Life Hurts (nucleus - spring 2004)

In a single day Laura's world fell apart. Until last week, life couldn't have been better. She was in the prime of her life, very happily married with two children aged six and two. The only warning she had was a slight visual disturbance. She thought she ought to ask...

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In the Lion's Den (nucleus - summer 1999)

Excellent! This year’s CMF National Conference was brilliant, but don’t just read about it here. I expect you know someone who went, so if you couldn’t go this year, grab them and ask them about it. Go on, now! Well, maybe you’re reading this in your room and your friend...

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