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Author Index - Caroline Berry

Caroline Berry is a retired Consultant Geneticist who worked at Guy's Hospital in London

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A theological diagnosis (triple helix - Christmas 2011)

This unusual book includes chapters on theology, genetic techniques and faith healing. The surprising link is the author's experience with the L'Arche community. He reviews the literature on the theology of disability and explains his personal theology of grace and concern for each individual known by name. An unnecessarily detailed...

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cmf file 28 (2005) - saviour siblings ()

In 1990, Winston and Handyside reported the first successful preg-nancies where the genetic status of the embryo had been ascertained before it was transferred to the mother's uterus.[1] The family had an X-linked mental disorder and 50% of male children would be affected. Doctors therefore placed only female embryos in...

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cmf file 11 (2000) - the human genome ()

Four molecules (bases), adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C) 'spell out' the genes on which all living things are built. While viruses only have around 200,000 bases, human beings have three thousand million. Surprisingly about 90 per cent of this seems to be inactive. The rest forms...

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Head to Head - Prenatal Screening (nucleus - summer 1999)

Deadly QuestionsDeadly Questions in the October 1998 issue of Nucleus left me disappointed by its negative attitude to the Human Genome Project and to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Firstly, the Human Genome project is not geared to ‘search and destroy’ abnormal fetuses. If it were it would herald the end of...

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