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Author Index - Eldryd Parry

Eldryd Parry OBE MB MD FRCP is Director of the Tropical Health and Education Trust

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Poverty and Health (triple helix - autumn 2002)

This is a tale of two vehicles. The rugged Land Rover dipped and jolted: the track had not been cut decisively through the bush with its twined undergrowth because few vehicles ever went that way. The track was for people. The dry season was at its driest and there was...

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Educating African Doctors: Showing How it Can be Done (triple helix - summer 2000)

It is shameful that about 45% of the people of sub-Saharan Africa live on less than one dollar a day, a proportion that has scarcely changed in the last eleven years, the very period when the structural adjustment programmes of the World Bank and the IMF should have been having...

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Luke - the Physician's Gospel (triple helix - spring 2000)

We all enjoy a good case report with accurate clinical detail, a problem which is none too easy to solve and, finally, a clear explanation of everything. This short and very readable book has just such reports, as remarkable today as they were at the beginning of the first millennium...

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