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Author Index - Richard Cook

Richard Cook is a retired Paediatric Surgeon in Liverpool

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Alder Hey (triple helix - spring 2001)

Alder Hey is the latest in a series of high-profile 'scandals' involving the NHS in general and doctors in particular. The stockpiling of organs without consent highlighted in the 600-page Redfern Report[1][2], and especially Health Secretary Alan Milburn's criticisms of the NHS, which followed, have provoked a huge variety of...

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Tom, Jim & Harry...and the law (triple helix - summer 1998)

Ten year old Jim Jarvis lurked by the fireside on a particularly bleak and cold night. He hoped he would not be noticed by the Christian medical student who ran the 'ragged school' near The London Hospital, but Thomas Barnardo saw him. 'It's time to go home.' 'Ain't got no...

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