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Author Index - Laurence Crutchlow

Laurence Crutchlow is managing editor of Nucleus.

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Surviving a Week of Nights (triple helix - summer 2006)

The prospect of working every night for a week is daunting to say the least! After working nights in several specialties as a GP trainee, I offer these thoughts and coping strategies in the hope of reducing anxiety for anyone starting out on weeks of nights. Why nights? The creation of weeks...

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Survivng as a House Officer (nucleus - autumn 2004)

The World Health Organization defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’.[1] Often in medicine we consider physical well-being, but neglect the mental and social aspects of health. We can think of house jobs in the same way and fail to consider the emotional, social and...

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Motions to the BMA (nucleus - summer 2001)

That this conference affirms that premarital sexual abstinence is the most effective way of lowering this country’s appalling rates of unplanned pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted disease amongst teenagers. Given the growing need for doctors to be involved in AIDS care, this conference urges that students must not be discouraged...

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Against the tide (nucleus - summer 2000)

Going on strike? Student Debt? Safety on Electives? These are just a few of the issues discussed by the BMA Medical Students' Committee (MSC), which is made up of representatives elected from each UK medical school, as well as members nominated by other committees within the BMA. It meets three...

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