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Author Index - Glynn Harrison

Glynn Harrison is a consultant psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at Bristol University

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Why Gratitude is Good for you (triple helix - summer 2017)

'Congratulations on owning a new iPhone 6!' Right then, a gushing'congratulations' from the Apple call centre was the last thing I wanted to hear. With my beautiful new phone reduced to a sorry spider's web of cracked and splintered glass, forget congratulations - I wanted commiserations. And then I wanted answers....

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After the sexual revolution (triple helix - summer 2015)

Glynn Harrison outlines a Christian response to the sexual revolution. In his Rendle Short Lecture of 2001 Andrew Fergusson suggested that Prof Rendle Short, whose life spanned the tumultuous years of the first half of the twentieth century, was one of history's 'men of Issachar'. These were the Israelite chieftains...

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Ego Trip: how self-esteem ideology invaded our lives and took over your world (triple helix - spring 2014)

Glynn Harrison examines the impact of the self-esteem movement. 'You're special!' 'I am perfect in every way'; 'I'm a loveable person'; 'I'm powerful, I'm strong'; 'Hey, to God, I'm big stuff!' Every day millions of people kick-start their day with self-affirming statements like these. One study found that over...

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The new Biblical Counselling: a challenge to 'Christian' psychiatrists (triple helix - Easter 2011)

Back in 1975, when I started my psychiatry training, it wasn't long before I met my first patient requesting to see 'a Christian psychiatrist'. At first I sympathised: suspicion of atheistic Freudianism had led me to commence my training with a 'Christian' consultant too. But with experience I began to...

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Ex-gays? - A Longitudinal Study of Religiously Mediated Change in Sexual Orientation (Book Review) (triple helix - summer 2008)

In the words of the authors, this book about the effectiveness of 'Ex-Gay' ministries 'catapults us into the eye of a storm'. On the one side, it is argued that attempts to change somebody's sexual orientation subvert three decades of progress towards 'accepting people for who they are'. Opponents of...

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The science behind same-sex attraction (nucleus - spring 2008)

Over the last century and a half, stigmatising labels of pathology and 'disorder' have played a key role in the exclusion and sometimes inhumane treatment of people with same-sex attraction (SSA). As we saw in Martin Hallett's article in this issue of Nucleus (pp14-20), Christians have much more to do...

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