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Author Index - Jason and Rachel Roach

Jason Roach trained in medicine and post-qualification spent several years working for the British Medical Journal. He is now engaged in bioethics research at Oak Hill College, London. Rachel Roach was formerly the Climate Change Policy Officer for Tearfund UK.

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Just the two of us? (triple helix - winter 2014)

Perhaps the most helpful people on the hard road of suffering are those who both know God deeply and can understand our struggle deeply. Just the two of us amply supplies both. Eleanor Margesson and Sue McGowan have blessed the church with this beautiful word to those struggling with childlessness....

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The book of books (triple helix - Christmas 2011)

It has been called the most influential translation of the most influential book in the world. Over the last 400 years the King James Version of the Bible has stirred social movements such as the abolition of slavery, the suffragettes, the building of hospitals and the end of child labour...

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Climate change - debate hots up (triple helix - summer 2010)

CMF File 41 on 'Climate change' triggered opposing responses. London SpR in Public Health Helen Barratt: Thank you for the excellent CMF File. Climate change has been described as 'the most important public health challenge of the 21st Century'. (1) As readers will be aware, the NHS and the wider...

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cmf file 41 (2010) - climate change ()

In the year 2000 alone, climate change is estimated to have caused the loss of over 150,000 lives. (1) Since the industrial revolution began more than 200 years ago, the average global surface temperature has risen by 0.76°C. This warming is leading to disrupted seasonal weather patterns and an increased...

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Using the Bible in Christian Ministry - a workbook (triple helix - Christmas 2008)

This book arose out of research between the Bible Society and Cardiff University. It aims to enable those in pastoral ministry to use the Bible more effectively. Workbook style, it gives opportunity for reflection and group work. Two strong features emerge. It helpfully acknowledges that our tendency to respond to...

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Climate Change (triple helix - Christmas 2008)

Climate change has undoubtedlybecome the new gospel issue of our age. It claims that our chief problem is neglect of the earth, and that salvation for us and the planet hinges on our repentance. David Walker is absolutely right when he says that 'inasmuch as the “climate change gospel” stands...

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