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Author Index - Andrew Flatt

Andrew Flatt is an STS2 in Microbiology, University College Hospital, London

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Managing resources - kingdom resources in an uncertain world (triple helix - Christmas 2011)

Billy Graham once said: 'A chequebook is a theology document – it shows us what we worship.' As doctors many of us are privileged to be financially secure but wealth comes with responsibility. Money holds extreme power; so what does the Bible have to say about how we should handle...

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The importance of prayer (triple helix - summer 2011)

Prayer must be the heartbeat of our Christian lives. Yet a lack of uninterrupted time coupled with secular work environments conspires to limit opportunity. Guilt felt at not being able to pray can be insidious and heavy. I hope the following Scriptures and reflections are of use to those struggling. When...

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NHS cuts: how can we respond? (triple helix - Easter 2011)

NHS cuts: how can we responde? Juniors, you will staff the NHS of the future. In a time of change, what sort of NHS do you want to work in? We must all recognise the country's financial situation, and seek to follow the Christian mandate to be good stewards of resources....

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stewards of words (nucleus - Christmas 2010)

The call to love our neighbour is a broad one, and encompasses use of information – whether to comfort, guide or advise. Knowledge is indeed power, and the facts we know as doctors – both in terms of therapeutic processes and specific patient stories – demands good stewardship. An Old Testament...

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Interruptions - how should we respond? (triple helix - summer 2010)

It is a typical busy hospital day on call and the bleep is going off incessantly. Urgent reviews, angry or upset relatives, drug chart changes, abnormal blood results or cultures – the list of jobs to juggle on top of our normal day to day activities can seem endless. It...

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