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Author Index - Bex Lawton

Bex is CMF's Assoicate Head of Nurses & Midwives, a paediatrics staff nurse and CMF 'poet in residence'. She also shares performances of her Christian, nursing focused poetry on Instagram as possiblybex

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customer service complaint (spotlight - Spring 2022)

To whom it may concern, I like to think I've always had an eye for a bargain, so naturally I was excited to come across the three-for-one Trinity, 'The best a man can get. Choose Godhead three-in-one for a closer save'. However, early this month I placed an order for healing...

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a royal priest in royal blue (spotlight - Spring 2022)

It's the 14th century before Christ A man cautiously pulls back a curtain Steadies his nerves Breathes deep and steps in. Friends who aren't allowed to come in Wait outside They crane their necks Hoping to catch the jingle of the bells he wears The jingle that tells them 'He still moves' That the priest has...

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burial (spotlight - Spring 2022)

I want to be clear Today we're just burying a body Just the frame of a young girl And yes, I'd cared for her Bathed her in bed for six months Changed her pads Fed her by tube And kept her as comfortable as I could And yes, I'd fallen in love with her Wept for her Prayed...

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Liturgy for returning to work (spotlight - Winter 2022)

Heavenly Father, thank you for this job. What a blessing it is to work! To do something useful with my hands and for the money it earns me. I lament for the million-plus people in this country who don't have jobs to get up for today. [2] For those who...

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work hard, play hard (spotlight - Winter 2022)

Nurses are known for working hard and playing hard.And as a Christian nurse?I work hard and play hard too! You see, when I turn up to work, I am there to serve You will get my best, and I will go above and beyond Because I'm there to serve God too I will work...

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proud to be a nurse (spotlight - Winter 2021)

2020 is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife And what a year it's turning out to be?! The WHO say we are 'the backbone to every health system' And during this pandemic the backbone has held the weight of our national health system Protected vital services Flexing, extending, moving With nurses coming out...

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