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Author Index - Adrian Warnock

Adrian Warnock studied medicine at The Royal London and was editor of Nucleus in 1995

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When doctor turns patient (triple helix - summer 2018)

Adrian Warnock graduated from Bart's and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 1995. He specialised in psychiatry before moving into pharmaceutical medicine. Adrian was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in May 2017 and has had several inpatient admissions and two surgeries as a result. (1) From the first experience...

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Editorial (nucleus - autumn 1995)

This editorial was written in the middle of medical finals. After six years, it seems amazing that it will all be over so soon. Yes your aged editor will soon be wheeled out to grass, perhaps to write one of those stimulating 'life after medicine' articles. If you don't know...

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Editorial (nucleus - summer 1995)

For those who are not terribly observant, this is not the new look Nucleus! Due to technical hitches, delays and lack of organisation, you will have to wait until the next issue. We also hope to welcome on board some of you who volunteered to help at the National CMF...

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Transplantation - What Does the Bible Have to Say? (nucleus - winter 1994)

The body of Christ and transplantation The vocabulary and to some extent the very concept of transplantation finds its origin in horticulture. It is very interesting to note the way in which the Bible uses metaphors from this area. Romans 11 is an important piece of Paul's discussion of the...

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The Battle for our Minds - the Supernatural and Mental Illness (nucleus - winter 1992)

Psychiatry and Christianity Why write about Psychiatry and Christianity? Psychiatry is becoming increasingly relevant for all doctors. The importance of understanding the psychology of patients in all areas of medicine and surgery is being recognised. In the past, often the mind (or 'psyche') and body have been seen as separate, unrelated...

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