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The Greatest... Character?

Perhaps we have grown accustomed to his values and do not appreciate how extraordinary his behaviour was. We may take it for granted that we should care for the sick, the disadvantaged, the weak, the ignorant and the outsider. But where did such civilising ideas come from?

It was the radical Christ who was 2,000 years ahead of his time in promoting the education of women. So he rebuked Martha who was a woman who wanted her sister Mary to help her work in the kitchen. Jesus replied that Mary had chosen the better role by sitting at the teacher's feet. It was Christ who befriended women and foreigners and welcomed children in a culture which saw them all as second class citizens. It was Christ who healed the sick and touched the untouchables. It was Christ who was accused of associating with criminals, traitors, drunkards and prostitutes, as he opened their eyes to the transforming values of his teaching.

Who has lived a better life than Jesus and where has mankind found a finer moral example? He not only taught about humility, patience, gentleness, compassion, goodness, truthfulness and integrity but he actually practised what he preached. His life was a dynamic example of his values. Even his bitterest enemies couldn't fault him, and for 2,000 years he has remained the brightest light in a dark world.

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