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Allied Professions and Prayer

CMF supports the emerging work among Christians in nursing and the allied health professions because we recognise the value of networks of strong Christian groups in the health service. This year sees major changes.

Christian Therapists' Network

CTN supports Christian professionals ranging from physiotherapists to speech and language therapists, and almost everyone in between. After more than seven years leading and building up this network from a handful of enthusiasts to a fellowship of over 200, Zillah Whitehouse has stepped down as co-ordinator to make way for a new leadership team at CTN.

Zillah, a full time physiotherapist in the New Forest, has been a constant figure in the Christian allied professions world for most of the last decade. She has worked tirelessly in her spare time to support other believers around the country, but CTN has grown so much that the work has had to be passed on to an enlarged leadership team. Please pray for CTN at this time of transition. With no paid staff, the network is entirely run by volunteers with some administrative support from the CMF office. Do let Christians in the allied professions know about CTN:

Christian Nurses and Midwives

CNM also continues to grow, now numbering over 150 members. After their recent national conference (held jointly with CTN) they found unexpected growth on their hands, with a new group setting up almost overnight in Swansea and another beginning in Merseyside. Meanwhile, out of the blue a Christian nurse in Sheffield got in touch. She had just begun a local group for Christian nurses, and wanted to link in with something more national. All these happened in a few weeks, with no major push or recruitment drive – God just opened new doorways.

Supportive prayer

Much of this growth is due to the strong supportive prayer networks behind CNM and CTN. These are mostly retired health professionals who, having passed on the baton, continue to support from the sidelines.

CNM Council met recently to review their strategy, and it was very exciting. One of the challenges both CTN and CNM face is that more and more of those going in to these professions are mature students in their thirties, often with families, mortgages and church commitments of their own. The old model of hospital-based groups does not always work now and the challenge is to find new ways to support and link people – the internet, events local and national, publications, and so on.

CMF continues to help these emerging groups (and many link with local CMF groups) through administrative support and through organising joint events like Saline Solution courses. Please continue to pray for this work as it develops.

Steve Fouch will continue to support allied professions as CMF Head of Member Services

More prayer for healthcare

Healthcare Christian Fellowship in the British Isles and Ireland has just launched seven years of prayer for healthcare as part of a worldwide HCFI initiative. Their desire is that others would take this up. Jeff Dyas writes:

As a first step, we have decided to set aside a time each week when all of us can pray for healthcare – one large, geographically dispersed prayer meeting. So please join us in prayer every Wednesday between 06.00-06.30 (or 22.00–22.30 for late risers and those on difficult shifts!)

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