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ss triple helix - summer 2008,  The Dawkins Delusion (Book Review)

The Dawkins Delusion (Book Review)

Henry Callahan - Lulu 2007 - £12.99 Pb 224pp - ISBN 978 1 84753 095 0

This is a Christian response to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, with helpful insights which counter the Dawkins onslaught, including a short history of distinguished scientists who are also Christians, an outline of scientific method, some philosophy of science, advice on how to read the Bible properly, and quite a bit of theology. Within this he challenges many Dawkins' statements, not least: 'Who designed the designer?' There is also a chapter answering the allegation that the Bible contradicts itself. The last chapter argues that 'faith' is reasonable. There is very little science, but he does go over the Irreducible Complexity ideas of Michael Behe. Many of the things he writes need to be said loudly, and I am glad he has done so in considerable depth and with passion. There is at times a sense of personal outrage and a belittling of Dawkins, which I feel is unhelpful. There is also a lack of clear structure – the book gives the impression of being rather rushed. This is a pity because what he says is important. The title is the same as Alister McGrath's widely read book and this will cause confusion, but if you want another critique of Dawkins then I encourage you to get it.

Reviewed by:
Anthony Latham
GP on the Isle of Harris, Scotland

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