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How could CMF help more?

Making a difference

I continue to be encouraged and challenged as I receive your correspondence and meet many of you around the country. On the one hand I find some are discovering new ways of making a difference for Christ as they apply Saline Solution principles in their daily practice; some are engaging in creative ways with medical education or the BMA or the Royal Colleges; and some are working with colleagues in management to make a difference to local services.

Recently I was chatting withsomeone who persevered for some years trying to set up a new oncology ward in his hospital, and is now rejoicing that although he has moved on,the ward is up and running and making a difference!

Making time to pray

On the other hand I find many struggle to manage all the irresponsibilities in the time available and feel their lives are spinning out of control. One member wrote recently of trying to keep up with emails in the evening, struggling to finish a postgraduate diploma, caring for teenage children, and finding it hard to get to CMF evening meetings as there were so many other competing activities including commissioning meetings and church groups!

How can we review ourpriorities and 'get a life' again? What about the abundant life Jesus came to bring? Have we lost it? I would be happy to hear of ways that CMF could help more as we battle with the daily routine. One thing has stood out for me as I travel around – members who make time to pray with one or two colleagues in their workplace all say it's worth it. Is this something you could start where you are?

Reflecting our struggles

At a quick glance, the titles for our recent conferences reflectour daily struggles. Rising to the challenge for psychiatrists, What do you expect? in the North, Breakdown Britain in theSouth-East, Holistic Medicine in an image driven culture in the Midlands, Keeping the faith for the retired, Do not lose heart for juniors, and so on.


Junior doctors especially need our prayer as they face uncertainty in the jobs market again next year. A doctor who qualified in 2006 wrote:
'One thing I have most valued about CMF since I have graduated has been the family that I was linked with in my F1 year. A local GP got in touch with me when I first started and I went for several meals at her house and also several of my non-Christian colleagues came with me at different times. They were a wonderful support and encouragement to me and I appreciated their welcome and witness to my colleagues. I did wonder if CMF could increase this ministry beyond the first year after qualification?

Would there be enough people willing to support junior doctors? I have also benefited from the resources available on ethical issues and have read a lot of information on the CMF website.I am sad that I am working the first weekend in December or I think the Junior Doctors' weekend at Hothorpe Hall would also be an excellent chance to be taught and have fellowship.'

Staff changes

This autumn we said goodbye toJudy Wilson whohas moved on to new things after18 years of faithful service.

Many of you will remember her friendly welcome at the desk as you came to conferences at Swanwick and other venues over the years. Others will have spoken on the phone when making enquiries, or been in touch when planning national, regional and local events. Judy loved to facilitate whatever members were doing, and willbe remembered with gratitude by many who came to know her personally. However, she also paid marvellous attention todetail and her quiet unsung work behind the scenes means our debt to Judy is great. We wish her God's richest blessingas she explores new avenues for her creative talents.

We are delighted to welcome Sarah Whitaker as our new Graduate Ministries Coordinator. Sarah has a background in nutrition and worked in the NHS as a dietician for 2 1⁄2 years. She lives in Sidcup, Kent with herhusband Nathan, and they worship at a local New Frontiers church. She loves cooking, entertaining and organising events, and has been drawn to CMF by a keen desire to support Christians in healthcare. She will be working mainly in the Graduates department but also with Andrew Fergusson in Communications, and is looking forward to getting to know many of you.

Kevin Vaughan is Head of Graduate Ministries.

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