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Animal Rights, Human Responsibilities

summer 2009

From triple helix - summer 2009 - Animal Rights, Human Responsibilities [p20]

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David Williams
Grove Books Ltd 2008
£3.50 Pb 28pp
ISBN 978 1 85174 701 6

This short booklet is part of the Grove Ethics Series which aims to provide 'fast moving explorations of Christian life and ministry'. As a practising vet who also teaches at the Veterinary School in Cambridge, David Williams draws on a wealth of experience in tackling questions about the Christian view of the status of animals, and our responsibilities to them.

Rapidly touring both the biblical status of animals and philosophical standpoints taken, from Descartes to Singer and beyond, he proceeds to cover issues around animal sacrifice, vegetarianism, and how Jesus' priority for the weak might relate to our treatment of animals, culminating in a discussion of how the new creation could inform our ethics. Each chapter ends with questions for thought or discussion, making this a good resource for a group interested in getting to grips with these issues.

Throughout, his love for animals and extensive experience of both their relationships with people, and their care, shine through. This not an exhaustive discussion however, more a helpful raising of the issues. If you are looking for detailed analysis, try elsewhere, but if you simply wish to begin thinking these things through, this inexpensive booklet by someone with a great deal of relevant experience will serve you well.

Article written by Matthew Welberry Smith

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