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Crying for the light

Bible readings and reflections for living with depression
Veronica Zundel
The Bible Reading Fellowship 2008
£5.99 Pb 159pp
ISBN 978 1 84101 565 1

Depression is a common problem and can present particular challenges for Christians, being viewed by some as evidence of weak faith, unconfessed sin or demonic activity.

Veronica Zundel has long experience of depression and writes from a Christian perspective. Crying for the Light is 'not a self-help book, a medical textbook or a complete guide to depression'. Rather it is a collection of Bible texts and paraphrases, personal comments and reflections, poems and prayers, information and advice.

Zundel's frankness about her own experience will undoubtedly connect with some, helping them to feel less alone. Mindful of those with impaired concentration, she offers bite-sized readings and reflections. She gives important information about depression and debunks some myths. Several poems are thought-provoking.

However, the unsystematic use of paraphrased Scripture and of the Apocrypha is rather superficial at times, while some potentially misleading advice lacks biblical balance - for example, avoid church if you find it unhelpful. I would hesitate to recommend this book, but some may find it helpful.

Everett Julyan becomes a consultant psychiatrist in Glasgow on 1 August

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