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Life - is it God's or mine to end?

Lessons from seven miracles
W Graham Monteith
Grosvenor House 2010
£8.00 Pb 124pp
ISBN 9781907652370

The major aim of this short book is to examine the 'value of life' in the light of all the resurrection miracles in the Bible, such as the story of Lazarus, and to ask why they took place. The author concludes these miracles reflect the extremely high value and meaning that God gives to human life.

In the last two chapters, the book addresses the value of human life in the 21st century, where a rise of individualism and control are emphasised. It also examines the question of euthanasia and assisted suicide, where boredom (French ennui) and existential suffering (German angst) seem to become an excuse for some to end their lives.

One of the final questions discussed is whether the West is fast becoming a post-biologicalfamily society where only the Christian church can address the important needs of real unconditional love and meaning given by God. The author, who sometimes reflects in his style his long experience as a minister of the Church of Scotland, challenges the churches to continue in their battle of love for God and others – with the help of God. Overall, this is a very readable and topical book.

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