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The facts about abortion v.2

Christmas 2011

From triple helix - Christmas 2011 - The facts about abortion v.2 [p20]

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Lovewise 2011
£12 Running time: 45-60 minutes
Available from

Talk about Abortion and God in schools? Surely not! Yet it is possible and necessary amid the fallacies and fallout from this procedure. This excellent teaching package on Abortion, by Newcastle paediatrician Dr Chris Richards, provides a good quality pro-life resource for use in PSHE, RE and science lessons as well as for youth groups.

We professionals are well placed to teach “in season and out” on abortion to church or youth. But where does one begin? Here are 50 slides and three videos ready to use. Pitched at the general level for ages 14 up to adult, the material can be split into two lessons starting with the facts about the wonders of our own beginnings. The resources cover biological, medical and ethical issues including the damaging consequences and the hard cases like rape.

Video ultrasound of a lively foetus backs up interviews with two women over their agonising choices. A running script offers questions and discussion starters to get people talking. Yes God appears by slide 5, but naturally and sensitively as a delighted Creator not a threatening judge. Here is a useful tool for teaching.

Mark Houghton is a GP and Chairman of Love2Last.

Article written by Mark Houghton

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