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ss nucleus - Christmas 2011,  Tyndale challenge

Tyndale challenge

Alex Bunn tests our Bible knowledge.
Alex Bunn tests our Bible knowledge

Even Richard Dawkins believes that we should all know our Bibles! The examples below have made a great contribution to English language and culture, which even Dawkins recognises.

Does Richard Dawkins know his Bible better than UK medical students? See if you can identify these phrases coined by William Tyndale... without Google!?

1 How are the mighty fallen
2 I am escaped with the skin of my teeth
3 Put his household in order
4 Can the leopard change his spots?
5 The salt of the earth
6 A sign of the times
7 A law unto themselves
8 Through a glass darkly
9 The last trumpet
10 Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die
11 For such a time as this
12 The scarlet woman
13 Am I my brother's keeper?
14 Written in stone
15 Out of the strong comes sweetness
16 But if not
17 There's a time for everything
18 The apple of my eye
19 He poured his heart out
20 A drop in the bucket

Click here for the answers.
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