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ss triple helix - summer 2012,  Changed agents: nine years in Nepal

Changed agents: nine years in Nepal

Nick and Ros Henwood
Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd, 2011
£8.99, Pb, 287pp
ISBN 978 1 90844 756 2

Years later holding hands when we returned to England felt almost conspiratorial' - one of the many memorable phrases from Nick and Ros Henwood's iconic book on cross-cultural living in Nepal.

This is the most insightful and readable account of cross-cultural mission to have hit the market for many years. It's also incrediblyhonest. It is written in simple,well-defined chapters, with Nickand Ros alternating their own insights and perspectives.

The Henwoods must have made meticulous notes from day one to give this detailed account of the delights and the dangers,the 'blending and the blundering',the crises and the resolutions of living and working both with a Christian mission organisation and with a secular agency.

The book is packed with insights, humour, and variety.For those of us who have had equivalent experiences it elicits wry smiles. For those who have yet to respond to a God-given or humanitarian call to work abroad, this is the best personalised manual for cross-cultural living they could put their hands on.

It could become a classic. Nickand Ros have taken the trouble to document their version of experiences that have significance in a day when more missionaries than ever are working abroad. Whether you have worked abroad yourself, are planning to hit the trail, or want an engaging and enjoyable read, buy this book, and share it with others.

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