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cmf summer school

Naa Akushia Quaye describes a great week

I am truly blessed and so are you! Each morning we wake up is opportunity to live the gospel. So are we doing the best we can? If not what do you intend to do about it?

My summer school experience was one of the best of my life!! Be it the writing workshop, the praise and worship, the fun activities, the Confident Christianity course, the Bible studies or the debate; each session was unique and there was always something to take away from it. I met some pretty amazing people too.

The week was a real eye-opener as it made me realise the endless possibilities a medical degree has to offer, with the combination of work and mission appealing to me the most. It was truly remarkable to see how the leaders were using their medical career to glorify God and as a service to mankind. Their love for God was evident in their actions and way of life. I could feel their enthusiasm and see the satisfaction they each had in the differing paths they had taken. Their humility was really inspiring and I yearn to have a bite of that humble pie. I hadn't thought before about issues like medicine for prisoners, or how a medical degree could be used to glorify God. And now I can't help but think of all the various possibilities there are.

As medical students we need all the help, prayers and support that we can get, hence the need for an active CMF group in every university. Especially after having a really hard time in my first year at university, I have come to realise and value the need for fellowship with other Christians at all times. No amount of words can express my gratitude to God for being with me through it all. Even if we do not realise it, God is always working in us. Christian Union (CU) and church were a great source of support to me during this time, as was CMF.

This summer school in many ways has been a blessing to me. The people have really inspired me a lot and have challenged me to start thinking about the choices that I make in life. In all situations I ask myself 'What would Jesus do?' and I challenge you to start doing the same too. Always remember: stop worrying about how things are going to happen and put your trust in God, for he knows best!

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