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John Sentamu's faith stories

summer 2013

From triple helix - summer 2013 - John Sentamu's faith stories [p20]

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20 true stories of faith changing lives today
John Sentamu

Darton, Longman and Todd, 2013
£8.99 Pb 160pp
ISBN 9780232529784

20 brief life stories in 135 pages – almost all from the North East of England – all from an Anglican background of varied churchmanship – nine of them ordained – five of them young – three doctors – surprisingly all white British (except the archbishop).

John Sentamu has written a brief introduction to each story. Although written in the first person they are ghost written by a single female author, which gives a certain predictability to an otherwise wide range of experiences.

As a snapshot of contemporary Anglican life in the North East and of God at work through ordinary people, it makes a good read. However the brevity of each profile inevitably leads to a rather superficial take on these dedicated lives.

As a book to give to others seeking meaning or direction it would be useful. It would fit well in a surgery waiting room or hospital chapel library.

Peter Pattisson is a retired GP based in Brockenhurst.

Article written by Peter Pattisson

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