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What happens after I die

winter 2013

From triple helix - winter 2013 - What happens after I die [p20]

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Michael Allen Rogers
Crossway, 2013
£12.00 Pb 256pp, ISBN 9781433533020
Reviewed by Robin Fisher


Michael Rogers tackles this vast subject with biblical rigour, while maintaining a light touch. He moves easily from the deep horror of hell to the unspeakably great joy of eternity with God. He does not gloss over the catastrophe awaiting those who reject Christ, noting that he is both the one who speaks most of hell and the only one who can rescue us from it.

Rogers moves quietly from disaster to triumph, allowing the drama to speak for itself. Rogers deals with modern secular perspectives of heaven and hell, exposing them as comforting falsehoods. He is obviously a theologian, but the pastor is never far away. The book is full of the ordinary questions that people ask. Will I be united with my relatives? Is my child in heaven? Written for the Americas, there are occasional cultural difficulties. The practicalities after a death being one. A chapter on what to do after a death in this country would add to the book's value.

Rogers brings into relief the darkness and horror that Jesus rescued us from, and the unimaginable joys of our future with Christ. This book deserves a place on your shelf.

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