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Current affairs, international, finance

General election: a nation decides

The countdown is well and truly underway for the general election on 7 May 2015. With the polls showing support for the major parties keenly divided, Christians have an opportunity to be of influence. So it's important that Christians use their democratic right to vote, take an intelligent interest in the key policy issues, get along to local hustings and take the opportunity to quiz candidates about their views and voting intentions. Clearly for Christian doctors and health professionals, the NHS and its future looms large as an electoral issue.

To get a measure of where each of the political parties stand on key issues, the BBC's Manifesto Watch is a useful and concise guide to where parties stand on these ten top issues. To track how your local MP voted on key issues consult the Public Whip website.

For more detailed Christian analysis a good starting place is the Evangelical Alliance (EA) of which CMF is a member. Its website is packed full of helpful information. The EA has devoted an entire issue of its magazine Idea to Christian commentary on the elections. There is, for example, advice on one of the big questions exercising Christians: Can I support a particular party where one or more of its policies is in opposition to my beliefs? There are also succinct thumbnail guides to the parties and their policies. In an uncertain world our faith offers one certainty: God is sovereign in human affairs. Our votes count. So too do our prayers.

Mission opportunities: one stop shop

Wondering about international work? Interested in a short-term team? Planning your elective?

CMF's annual mission fair is a unique opportunity to find out about the work of different mission organisations and see what possibilities there are for you to get involved. Up to 20 agencies will be there to inform, inspire and advise those investigating opportunities.

It takes place at Oak Hill College, North London on 24 June, 7–9pm. Doctors, nurses, students and friends are all welcome and admission is free.

ICMDA roundup

In the ICMDA Eurasia region there are many historically Roman Catholic countries. Even so there has been a lot of work building links between Christian medics. There have been two conferences for junior doctors, held first in Rome in the spring, then last autumn in Madrid, which drew 70 people. There are growing movements in France, Belgium and Spain and a new group in Italy.

The next ICMDA World Congress will be in Hyderabad in 2018.

Developing Health Course

This two-week annual event continues to be much appreciated. It is for people exploring doing medical work (short or long term) in resourcepoor settings or people working overseas wishing to update their skills. There is a blend of lectures, practical skills workshops and tutorials, plus Bible teaching, prayer and reflection. It offers unique networking opportunities. (Full details including fees)

CMF Christmas 2014 appeal

Students and Junior Doctors were the focus of the Christmas Appeal. At the time of writing in mid-March, we have received almost £67,000 towards supporting the future of CMF. Thank you to all who have contributed.

Results for 2014

As we went to press the external auditors were reviewing our accounts for 2014. At the moment we are looking at a small deficit of around £35,000 for 2014.

Development Plan

This was a major undertaking. We have now achieved the target of £700,000 set in 2011 with £702,000 received to date. Praise God for his generous provision to us.


Stephen Cockeram (Birmingham) from Sri Lanka
Philip Davies (Birmingham) from Uganda


Claire Ferrer to Nepal.


Geoffrey Wilson (q Oxford, 1952)
Robert Balfour (q Liverpool, 1966)
Sheila Borkett-Jones (q London, 1979)
Gillian Wells (q Leicester, 1987)
John Lowther Milligan (q Cambridge, 1950)
Phyllis Fleury (q 1954)
David Chaput de Saintonge (q The London, 1966

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