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Why we pray

winter 2015

From triple helix - winter 2015 - Why we pray [p20]

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William Philip IVP, 2015, £7.99 Pb 112pp, 9781433542862 Reviewed by Tom Roberts, CMF Communications Coordinator

Praying can be hard, and teaching on prayer can often leave us feeling discouraged and guilty that we don't pray more. The author of this short book feels the same, but thinks he has identified the problem. The real reason we don't pray is that we forget why we pray, turning prayer into yet another burden on top of everything else in our busy lives.

But Philip holds that 'we learn most about prayer simply by learning about God'. The more we understand about the God we pray to, the more we will be drawn to prayer, because 'the real truth about God is never discouraging...the Lord himself is never depressing'. Philip then takes the reader through four key truths about why we pray: because God is a speaking God, because we are sons of God, because we have a sovereign God and because we have the Spirit of God.

The short, well-structured chapters, lively style and good illustrations make this an easy read. Questions at the end of each chapter help the reader to reflect and apply. This book is a wonderful reminder of the astonishing privilege we have to freely come to our heavenly Father in prayer, knowing that, 'through our union with Jesus, he can't not hear us'.

Article written by Tom Roberts

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