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The amazing technicolour pyjama therapy

summer 2016

From triple helix - summer 2016 - The amazing technicolour pyjama therapy [p20]

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Emily Ackerman
Muddy Pearl Books, 2014, £9.99, Pb 224pp ISBN 9781910012123
Reviewed by Lizzie Croton, GP based at Selly Oak, Birmingham

Emily Ackerman was working as a doctor when she developed ME and switched from physician to patient. Her story is humorously told through prose and cartoons (which are very funny, by the way). This book aims to help those facing life-changing illness to fight back and draw close to God through their suffering. It uses biblical truth (the stories of Joseph, Daniel and Jesus) combined with reflective questions and helpful quotes from both secular and Christian sources.

By the end I felt greatly inspired by her warmth and humour. Emily tackles challenging topics often glossed over in books of a similar ilk, including grief, social rejection, chronic pain and how faith has helped her cope. The section on grief was particularly helpful, as many myths and social expectations still exist.

Although written from a Christian perspective, it will appeal to readers from all backgrounds without compromising on Christian truth. There's also a small evangelistic section in the first chapter. Even if you are lucky enough to be healthy, Emily's story will help you understand and walk with those experiencing chronic illness. It's a fantastic book to recommend to patients and friends in our wider social circles.

Article written by Liz Croton

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