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ss triple helix - spring 2017,  Virtually Human: Flourishing in a digital age

Virtually Human: Flourishing in a digital age

Ed Brooks & Pete Nicholas (ed)
IVP, 2015, £8.99, 176pp, ISBN 9781783593897
Reviewed by Andrew Horton, former CMF Media Producer

A book about our digital world has the potential to be irrelevant faster than you can say 'Google plus'.

Thankfully, this book skillfully avoids this trap. It begins with the theory and theology of technology, followed by practical applications and insights for us today. Theology isn't left behind, there's biblical insight and application from start to finish.The story of technology is unpacked through the lens of the Bible, looking at its nature, purposes and potential. It's not technology itself that can be innately good or bad, and in fact we read that God knows the good in technology because its goodness comes from him. But we do need to be wise in our choice to say 'yes' or 'no' to the way we use technology. We're encouraged to praise God for technology because technology can display God's glory too.

Brooks and Nicholas don't leave you feeling either guilty or overwhelmed - you're more likely to feel strengthened in your battle to carve some Bible-time out of your social media treadmill.

Augmented and virtual reality devices may help us 'see the world better', but we'll always see it best through the lens of God's great plan for humanity. Virtually Human is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what it means to be an effective disciple in the digital age.
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