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ss nucleus - May 2017,  A Better Story

A Better Story

Glynn Harrison

The Christian view of sex is increasingly despised by society - being labelled as intolerant and unforgiving. Our culture fights for free speech, yet as Christians it is becoming increasingly difficult to voice our own opinions, especially when they go against those of the 'sexual revolution' and the 180 degree turn in popular opinion. However, evidence suggests that the liberalist view of the past few decades has caused huge amounts of harm to our society. In A Better Story, Glynn Harrison tackles how we can retell the story of God's perfect design for sex and human flourishing in a loving and truthful way. The book addresses how our society became so liberal on sexuality so quickly; then moves onto how the change in thinking is currently affecting our society.It finishes with how we can tell this 'better story', and how the biblical vision of sex is good news for all.

This book is perfect for those who are struggling with how to be true to the Word of God, yet loving and understanding to those around us; recognising that we also need to be getting rid of the plank from our own eye! It acknowledges that some of the evidence for the effect of the sexual revolution on society is quite new, and needs further research, preferably from unbiased sources.

Miranda Crawford
is a medical student in Newcastle
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