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Sustainable Development and Nursing

New global targets agreed

Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) are the new, globally agreed targets for developing poor, middle income and rich nations between 2015 and 2030. 1 There are seventeen goals in total with the aim of significantly reducing poverty, inequality, injustice and environmental damage around the world. The international community (including the British Government) has signed up to seeing these goals achieved in the coming decade and a half.

As we have previously discussed in Triple Helix, Christians have different views about the SDGs. 2 However, if they are achieved, the impact on the world will be immense. Consequently, many churches and Christian agencies are looking at how to engage fruitfully with the SDGs. 3

Last year the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health (APPGH), after a consultation to which CMF contributed, 4 produced a report that showed how investing in the training, recruitment and professional development of nurses could have a significant impact on community health, economic development and the empowerment of women - a so-called 'Triple Impact'. 5 This addresses three of the seventeen SDGs and prompted a new campaign (due to launch publicly in the New Year) called Nursing Now! 6

With a global shortage of nurses 7 (including in this country - see p4), we cannot ignore this. Investing in nursing is a big win-win for everyone. Furthermore, nursing is so deeply embedded in the Christian faith that it is hard to separate its core values (unconditional care, advocacy for the sick, compassion, education, a whole person understanding of health and care in the context of community and teamwork) from the life and mission of the Church. 8 Christians need to be campaigning for action nationally and globally on this issue.
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