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Winter 2018

From nucleus - Winter 2018 - CMF Global & you

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CMF is making changes to become more truly global, says Fi McLachlan

In September 2017, the CMF Board approved a new strategy and new name for the Fellowship's international work. The department undertook a wide consultative review of our strategy. Thank you to all students who answered survey monkey questions at the student conference.

The new CMF Global strategy is illustrated in the diagram opposite. So what is our core work? Many of you have been on day courses such as Who is my Neighbour? — a great introduction to global health needs. Many students say they are interested in global health or working outside of the UK. Look out for the next Who is my Neighbour? days on Saturday 27 January in Bristol and 12 May in Liverpool. Look out too for Refugee and Asylum Seeker health days (next one Saturday 17 March,
in Stockton-on-Tees) to equip you for working in the UK with those who come here to live.

We want to keep you aware of elective opportunities via our web pages, with contacts
of over 80 hospitals, 30 mission organisations, scores of informative reports and funding ideas.
We provide short-term placement opportunities along with guidance on running your NHS career alongside whatever God might open for you elsewhere.

CMF Global is keen to expand support beyond those who go to work clinically in traditional mission settings. We want to support those who
are interested in teaching, research, and working with secular as well as Christian NGOs. If that is you, keep in touch with CMF Global via our international Facebook and events pages.

CMF Global is setting up special interest working groups. The first of these is already operational, looking at corruption and conflict of interest and how to respond as Christians.

We wish to explore partnerships that will enable Christian doctors to go to people and areas of the world that we have not traditionally served, such
as refugees in the Middle East and places where the gospel in least known. If you are interested in such work then check out the short-term opportunities online or contact Fi McLachlan on

Please pray for this department of CMF. There are lots of opportunities for students to get involved, from the International Track, attending
a day course, to short-term vision trips, getting
in on wider CMF conferences, becoming a Deep:ER volunteer with a focus on international work or writing up your elective. We need you — together we can impact our world for Christ!

CMF Global events:

  • Who is my neighbour?
  • Refugee and Asylum health days
  • Developing Health Course (8-20 July 2018)
  • Short-term vision trips

Consider joining:

  • Special interest groups
  • International Facebook group
  • International Track 2018


  • The Electives handbook Rachel Perry, Emma Pedlar & Vicky Lavy
  • Short-Term Medical Work Vicky Lavy
  • Off the Beaten Track Adele Cowper & Vicky Lavy
  • I Could Do That (ed) Andrew Fergusson & Steve Fouch
  • Travelling Light CMF

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