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ss spotlight - Spring 2022,  colleagues forever changed by Jesus

colleagues forever changed by Jesus

Georgie Clark tells her story of answered prayer for her colleagues
My friend Jenny and I felt God call us to pray for our workplace back in 2006, so we began to pray together in our lunchtimes once a week. We were open with our team about what we were doing. Some of our colleagues even asked for prayer!

After a short time, having tried to listen to God as well as ask him for things, we felt stirred to step out in faith and start an Alpha course for our work colleagues. We decided to do this by meeting at the hospital after work once a week to watch the Alpha videos together. To be honest, no-one had spoken to us about Alpha, or even seemed vaguely interested in doing the course. Nevertheless, we diligently prayed and obediently advertised it. It felt like a real step of faith because right up until an hour before we were due to begin, no-one had signed up! Then at the last minute, two girls in our office told us they'd like to come along.

By week three of the Alpha course, one girl had recommitted her life to Jesus, praise God! And the other girl had met Jesus, for the first time in an amazing encounter. She told us, that she'd found herself in some physical danger and prayed to Jesus for the first time, asking 'if you're real, Jesus, please could you help me now?'. Her testimony is that she felt a man appear by her side and walk her to a place of safety. She knew instantly in her heart that this was Jesus. She spoke of walking and talking with him for nearly an hour, enjoying the peace, protection, power, and presence of the living God. She knew then that her life had been forever changed by a God who loved her unconditionally.

Well, Jenny and I were so ecstatic! Our faith was so encouraged by the privilege of being able to walk with her as she continued to grow in her relationship with Jesus. We kept on meeting at lunch once a week and praying together. Within a year, we'd run another Alpha course at work, as our friend had told all her friends about Jesus, and they too wanted to know more. It's such a privilege to pray in our workplace and see God moving in such powerful ways, changing lives, and inviting us into what he's already doing. He's so good! Amen!

Georgie Clark works as an Occupational Therapist

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