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ss spotlight - Spring 2023,  liturgy for running water

liturgy for running water

Bethany Mills adds to your liturgy toolbelt prayers for filling water bottles and washing hands
As I fill my bottle at the start of my shift,'Father, you are the spring of living water. You are true refreshment, eternal joy and rest. May my soul thirst for you today, may I be a woman [man] drinking from the spring of water that wells up into eternal life.'

As I wash my hands for the first time:'Jesus, you have washed away my sin and guilt, you have made my soul clean forever. Whoever believes in you, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them. May my clean, grateful, satisfied heart point others to the rivers of living water they too can wash in, they too can drink deeply from and be satisfied.

For the fifth time:'Lord, you made the sea and rivers and washed the feet of those who would betray and forsake you. May my clean hands, my grateful thirsty heart, my faltering words, flood my patients with your life-giving love.'

As I help the parent at the end of their tether wash their poorly child:'Father, this family is passing through deep waters. They are looking for water in broken, empty cisterns. Please lead them gently to streams of living water.'

As I refill that bottle, tired and thirsty, seven hours left to go:'Father, thank you for your promise of soul rest and refreshment.'

Hand washing for the tenth time:'Lord, may the brokenness and suffering in this world make me thirst for a world made new, when the water of life will flow from the throne of the Lamb.'

At home, showering and praying for my patients, my colleagues, my managers, and the whole broken, wonderful system:'Father, please may the thirsty and unclean know that they can be satisfied and be washed forever in your life-giving water. May we, your people, be like trees planted by streams of water, rooted and delighted in your word, your truth, your promises.'


Bethany Mills is a paediatric nurse in Manchester

Further Reading

Psalm 1, Psalm 42, Isaiah 49, Jeremiah 2, John 4, Revelation 22
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