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nurses and midwives fellowship news

the Emerald Isle

It was good to finally go to Ireland to connect with some of our new nurse members in Dublin and Galway, and also a few Christian nurses that aren't yet members. One nurse had already begun gathering others to pray but hadn't known about CMF until now and was keen to connect. Please pray that nurses and midwives in Ireland who are in need of connection and support will hear about CMF. Also pray for a new student nurse and midwife group in Dublin, being led by two enthusiastic student nurses called Adam and Temi, reaching out to students from both University College and Trinity College.

Pippa Peppiatt was CMF's Head of Nurses and Midwives

A number of our nurses and midwives' student groups have reported having successful freshers' week gatherings, with the CMF Freshers' Packs being well received and new members joining. We are looking forward to meeting together at the Student Conference in February.

When we caught up with Lily, a student nurse at UCCF Forum this summer, she said:

Since the Student Conference I have been thinking more about how to include my faith and prayer in my care. One way I found that I was able to do that was whenever I was physically in contact with my patients, whether that was washing them or giving them injections, I was able to pray for them and include God in their care. I also found that on my last placement, on a dementia ward, in my free time I was able to play one of the pianos to my patients, and found that many of them would respond very well to Christian music like 'Amazing Grace'. It was such an encouragement to hear Christian music through the ward and know that God was there with my patients in that difficult time.

In September we held an online Writers' Day for members who wanted to develop their writing skills. Some were putting pen to paper for the first time, whilst others were honing their skills. All rated the training as 'excellent' and said they would recommend it to their friends.

'I loved how vulnerable and open the group was. There was lots of space to express ourselves and thrash out inspired ideas. The teaching was wonderful - learning from Bex and Georgie was an absolute privilege. They are such encouragers.'

'You provided helpful content/resources, but I hadn't anticipated the joy and encouragement it would bring. God has met with us today - it has been a real blessing.'

'What a wonderful day! This training went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend it to anyone, whether they would call themselves a writer or not. It will help you find a way to honour and glorify God with words, in a way you didn't think you could do'.

Gemma Griffiths is CMF Associate Staff Worker for Nurses and Midwives

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