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ss spotlight - NQ edition,  editoral: qualified & blessed

editoral: qualified & blessed

In this special edition of Spotlight, we take a dive into topics that we hope will be helpful for our newly qualified readers. But if you are not newly qualified, after enjoying the articles yourself, why not consider blessing a newly qualified nurse or midwife that you know with a copy?

Being a newly qualified nurse or midwife can be one of the most stretching times of our lives. So, my prayer for each of you reading this is that during the stretching, God will mould you into the nurse or midwife he wants you to be. I pray that you will be bold and gentle for his Kingdom and glory.

As I was drawing up intravenous antibiotics for my cancer patient the other day, I was thinking how I could be the best Christian nurse I can be. If you mix the wrong dilutant with a powder medication, such as using normal saline in clarithromycin, it becomes thick and opaque and is useless to you. This is what our lives are like. If we mix worldly thinking into our hearts, they become sludgy and opaque, so it is harder to see the Lord and let his light shine in our lives to those around us. By reading the manual God has given us, we can let his word overflow into our lives and practice as Christian nurses and midwives. So, let's make sure we are mixing the powder of our hearts with the pure water of the Word, allowing any sin to be dissolved by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, so we can be translucent in our witness and love of Christ.

May you always seek to love and serve God first in your careers and respect and serve your patients well for Jesus' sake. May he bless the work of your hands (Deuteronomy 28:12) and your patients through you.

Grace and peace in Christ,

Bethany (guest editor)

Bethany Fuller is a Staff Nurse in Surrey, and worked as CMF's Peer Support Coordinator for Newly Qualified Nurses and Midwives during 2023

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