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prioritise people

Jane Colling looks at the NMC code and how it relates to our faith

The reason I felt prompted to write this short article was to bless the reader with the fact that the professional standards we seek to uphold are, in many ways, reflective of the life of Jesus and the way he would have us honour him in our professions. Here are just a few thoughts to encourage you to revisit 'The Code' in the context of your work as a Christian healthcare professional.

prioitise people

Jesus was an expert at this, people were the very essence of his life. He had followers who he chose and valued individually. He spent time with all kinds of people, gave us the ultimate example of inclusivity and embracing diversity, and was respectful and responsive to the needs of the people he lived alongside.

listen to people

Jesus spent quality time with people. In so doing, he showed them that he valued them. Jesus spent time talking to people (John 4:7-14), he dined with people (Luke 19:1-10), he went to visit friends (Luke 10:38-42), he relaxed with them, and he was available in their difficult and happy times. As nurses and midwives, we have the privilege of spending time with people, often in the most vulnerable seasons of their lives. If at these times we can be available, give time and listen authentically to their story, they may experience the love of Jesus, be blessed by our care, and come to a better understanding of what he can offer to them.

respond to the whole person

Jesus was concerned with the whole person, with their complete wellbeing. He cared about their physical needs, providing food for them when they were hungry (Matthew 14:13-21). He related to the stresses and strains that he could see in people's lives. Jesus showed us a unique way of empathising with people and showing them compassion. He was an advocate for the weak and vulnerable, reaching out to them.

In summary, I would like to reflect on our commission as Christian nurses and midwives. We are a part of the body of Christ on earth. Let's remember to truly prioritise people, because that is what our God does.

Jane Colling is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in a general practice and worked as CMF's Peer Support Coordinator

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