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ss nucleus - summer 1994,  Lemuel's Limericks

Lemuel's Limericks

 A nurse on the medical wing
Completed a course in 'I Ching'
While checking the charts, she would practise her arts
On the ills that the patients would bring

Spurred on by the welcome this brought
She soon other therapies sought
Iridology, Zen, yoga, tarot and then...
Transcendental ... (well 'TM' for short)

The doctors were caught on the hop
And ordered 'this practice must stop'
But all that their scrutiny prompted was mutiny
Awkwardness, temper and strop!

So pondering the options awhile
(Consulting the ward rank and file)
They humbly suggested, then boldly requested
A double-blind crossover trial

The management couldn't agree
(Such trials are so costly you see)
They ordered both pills and the New-Ager's skills
And to charge for each 'service' a fee

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