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ss nucleus - autumn 1999,  Know Your Bible 31

Know Your Bible 31


  1. 'Never get a lazy man to do something for you. He will be as irritating as vinegar on your teeth or smoke in your eyes.' (Pr 10:26) Solomon, as a leader, knew the frustration of an uncompleted task. There is more glory in the finishing than in the starting.
  2. A man of discernment is impressed by criticism, even loving the rebuker, as he welcomes the life and wisdom it brings. (Pr 9:8, 15:31, 17:10). The mocker resents both correction and its agent (Pr 9:8, 15:12).
  3. Jehu, son of Nimshi, would have failed his driving test, as he drove 'like a madman' (2 Ki 9:20).

Know Your Bible 32

  1. In what way are insects an example to us?
  2. How can even a fool appear wise?
  3. Why should followers of Jesus refrain from dating or marrying non-believers?
Answers in the next issue.
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