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All the Hours God Sends? (Book Review)

All the Hours God Sends? - Peter Curran - Inter-Varsity Press 2000 - £7.99 Pb 216pp - ISBN 0 85111 656 6

It is a reflection of the way the health service has changed that this book, whose author has worked in the oil industry for many years, is entirely relevant to health professionals. Concepts such as work place stress, down sizing, maintaining motivation and seeking excellence are now all part of our day to day world. We all work in teams, and some of us lead teams. Yet, it is all too easy to fail to integrate the way we think and behave at work with the rest of our lives as Christians.

How often do we take time to think and talk with other Christians about the way in which the institutions we work for affect us, and about how we feel and act as an employee, employer or team member? Do we take enough time to think about what our job is doing to us and how we may be affecting others? If the answer is no, then this book is designed to help. The author's style is clear, and if management terms are used, they are explained. He combines a wide knowledge of industry and the pressures of work with a familiarity with scripture that enables him to use the Bible extensively to establish principles and to explore very modern dilemmas.

There will be times for all of us when the pressures at work feel overwhelming; when we get the balance between family, church and work wrong; when we are bored or frustrated or threatened by redundancy. All these areas are dealt with. The book can be read as a whole, but is designed so that each chapter stands alone, focusing on a specific area such as coping with change, or ambition and wealth. As with all good management documents, there is an action column at the end of each chapter, and these provide a challenge in themselves.

This book is valuable in several ways. It can help us as individuals to think through problems related to our work, and could provide rescue in a crisis. It would also make an excellent tool for a study group. I must get a copy for our practice library.

Reviewed by
Rebecca Torry
General Practitioner in London

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