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Articles from No. 6 Winter 1998/1999

international ministries

Opportunity or threat

There is a big difference between serving the 'selfish gene' and serving the Creator. The gene tells us other people must be divided into opportunities or threats. In global health nations may be seen in this light. Health professionals who see medicine as an insight into the mind of the Creator,...

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All You Need . . . is Love

At 15 Loma was offered a chance of a new life away from her homeland of Nepal. It seemed like a life line. Having been married off as a child, she had already borne and lost two children. Her husband had given up on her and was looking for a...

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Saving Motherhood or Destroying It?

Gradually the carefree play of girlhood becomes interwoven with a more serious approach to life. She matures earlier than her brother. Her vision for the future which may have expressed itself in dolls and imitations of domesticity becomes larger than that. It is to care for the world as she...

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Friendship With the Peoples of China

Medical Services International (MSI) is dedicated to serving the health-related needs of peoples in China and East Asia, as an expression of Christ's love and the Great Commission. MSI teams work in partnership with national, provincial and local authorities in developing services in needy areas and upgrading them. The approach...

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Reaching Refugees at Cairo Cathedral

The country where Joseph, Mary and the infant Jesus fled 2000 years ago today receives many Sudanese fleeing a seemingly never-ending war in their homeland. They come to Egypt and its capital Cairo, now the largest city in Africa with a population predicted to reach 20 million by the new...

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