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61. Fluid infusion and ethics

... some progressive neurological conditions It now seems appropriate to extend these principles of care to other common modes of death for example severe stroke or dementia There is public concern at present regarding the use or non-use of hydration by tube when patients are apparently unaware of symptoms including thirst when...

62. summer school 2013

... on does this mean that the unconscious patient in ITU is no longer a person What about the 97 year-old patient on the ward with dementia or the child with severe learning difficulties Intellect thought reason and even mind are capricious changing from day to day Surely the criteria for personhood...

63. cmf file 43 (2010) - rationing of healthcare

... has occurred in respect of expensive drugs for treating cancer but it has also occurred in the case of medication for common conditions such as dementia and osteoporosis In most of these the criticism has usually taken the form that NICE has failed to consider all the particular circumstances of the...

64. 'naming' in clinical psychiatry

... sick or just self-protective Mild cognitive impairment is a new entry but where do we draw the line between naturally declining memory and a pathological dementia 3 Another tendency of western medicine is to reduce humans to the merely material For instance when does sadness become depression The serotonin hypothesis collapses...

65. assisted suicide in the UK

... of 10 to 20 of euthanasia cases per year from 1 923 in 2006 to 5 306 in 2014 The 2014 figures included 81 with dementia and 41 with psychiatric conditions 9 In addition in 2001 about 5 6 of all deaths in the Netherlands were related to deep-continuous sedation This...

66. The Machine Will See You Now

... providing physical and virtual companions colleagues teachers therapists carers and playmates But this will raise complex and troubling issues Think of an elderly person with dementia feeling lonely confused and abandoned She finds a wonderful new companion who makes her feel loved and cared for a strange friend who seems compassionate...

67. maintaining integrity as a Christian medic

... still common in much of the world and was not unusual in the UK in the past Even in a modern UK context diagnoses like dementia are often not fully explained 4 what is distinctive for the Christian Most people tell the truth most of the time don t they Is...

68. Reviews: news reviews

... people in persistent vegetative PVS and minimally conscious states MCS 1 The guidance greatly expands the conditions for when nutrition can be withdrawn including stroke dementia and other neurological conditions with a downward trajectory The new guidance denies any distinction between turning off a ventilator and removing a feeding tube for...

69. cmf file 19 (2002) - advanced directives

... It s important that everyone weighs up the strengths and limitations of such directives as well as understands their legal status You are suffering from dementia and are in a nursing home Unable to recognise your family speak or swallow you are fed through a tube down your nose You have...

70. The Nazi Doctors - Lessons from the Holocaust

... and we have recently seen The Commission for the Acceptability of Life Terminating Actions endorsing euthanasia for handicapped children head injury patients and those with dementia in the Netherlands 12 An obsession with cost-benefit analyses was a third feature of Nazi medical deliberation School children were given mathematics problems balancing the...
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